SENSEI – OPEN – Curved Shear

The SENSEI Open Shear Trio, allows you to have the same handle on all your main shears and save money in the process! This makes it easy to switch back and forth during a cut. With this handle you can groom all day with your elbow down, your wrist straight and your hand open. Get one of our world class straight shears, with a handle design that eliminates hand stress and fatigue.

Product Highlights:

  • OPEN shears are the world’s 1st neutral grip grooming shear! The grip leaves your hand in a neutral position to eliminate stress on the thumb tendon.

  • Dual finger rest positions allow for a fully neutral hand position.

  • Dual cutting positions allow your thumb to be in the right place for every technique.

  • All shears come with a free case.

Specifications include:

  • Material: Duralite™ – 440C High Carbon Stainless Steel – Cryogenically Tempered

  • Handle: Ergonomically Neutral Crane Grip

  • Tension: Leaf Spring Tension Adjuster

  • Finger Rest: Dual Position, Removable

  • Thumb: Wide Contact

  • Edge: Convex

Available Lengths: 7”/ 8”/ 9” (Righty)  7” / 8” / 9” (Lefty)

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