K-9 DRYERS – 15′ Blower Hose

Electric Cleaner Company is the proud manufacturer of the K-9 line of dryers and accessories.

Product Highlights:

  • This 15′ Blower Hose attaches to all K-9 models.
  • This hose is most often used in mobile grooming vehicles, as well as, larger areas where you need to travel farther away from your dryer.
  • Hose Sleeves are available as an added attachment to help reduce the heat on your hands while dryer your dog.

Maverick’s Pro Tip: The inside of this hose gets very dirty from a build-up of carbon, dander and debris. Clean it out using a degreaser and hot water. Do this once a month to keep your hose clean and debris off your dogs. Contact us for more tips on maintaining your equipment.

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